Playwire Code of Conduct

A. General

1. In using the services provided by Intergi or Playwire (hereinafter referred to as “Services” and “Agent”), Publisher shall not and shall not authorize or encourage any third party to:

(a) Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any software components of the Player, the Bolt Player or any ad configures (the “Platform”), or disseminate malware.

(b) Use the Services in a manner that violates any applicable government laws, rules, and regulations, third parties’ proprietary rights, or any of Intergi’s or Playwire’s policies or in a manner that is deceptive, unethical, false, or misleading;

(c) Use the Platform in a manner that violates any applicable government laws, rules, and regulations, third parties’ proprietary rights, or any of Agent’s policies or in a manner that is deceptive, unethical, false, or misleading;

(d) Interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Platform or any user’s use of the Platform or the full, complete, immediate, and direct display of any Ads and any third-party websites accessed via links on Ads; or

(e) Engage in any deceptive or fraudulent activity as determined by Agent in its sole discretion, which may include, without limitation, clicks without referring URLs, extraordinary high numbers of repeat clicks, fraudulent impressions generated by any person, robot, automated program or similar device, or any clicks from non-approved root URLs

1. Publisher shall not: (1.1) make placements available on sites that contain Prohibited Content; (1.2) provide any advertisement or other creative that contains or links to any Prohibited Content. “Prohibited Content” shall mean:

(a) Content that is pornographic, obscene, or indecent in nature or, in Agent’s sole and reasonable discretion, might be deemed harmful to Agent’s business reputation or the business reputation of Agent’s advertisers or partners;

(b) Content that promotes the excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances, violence, profanity, expletives, or inappropriate language;

(c) Content that offers or disseminates fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions, including any make-money-fast or pyramid schemes;

(d) Content that promotes illegal activity such as copyright infringement (including all file hosting sites), racism, hate, mail fraud, spam, pyramid schemes, or other advice not permitted under applicable law; or

(e) Content that has libelous and defamatory material, violates privacy rights, and/or is contrary to public policy or otherwise unlawful

B. When Publisher provides sites to be approved within Agent’s network, Publisher shall comply with the following:

1. All domains must be pre-approved by Agent. Publisher submitting a site for review that requires a log-in must provide Agent with a test or active user ID and password to verify the placement. Ad server domains and all sites that generate traffic through pop-unders, regardless if Agent’splayer is on the page being popped or not, will not be approved in the Agent’s network.

2. For domains listed in the Agent’s network, Publisher must have the rights to display ads over video content on their site.

(a) Sites must have non-YouTube video ad units and may not display video ads over YouTube players or videos; and

(b) Publisher must either own the video content they are running ads against or have the licenses to serve ads against that content and not be in breach of existing Publisher agreements for offering the Placements.

3. The domain where the Agent’s ad appears must be available to Agent at run time.

4. Publisher is prohibited from enabling auto-play on the Player on either the homepage or below-the-fold.

5. All set ups and use of iFramed placements must be approved by Agent prior to implementation. Publisher must pass the site where the iFrame appears, not the iFrame domain.

6. The full ad player must be visible to the user and not obstructed by other audio or visual site elements.

7. Publisher must not stream more than one video unit on a page at any given time.

8. Except for long form content (i.e. greater than 10 minutes of video content), there must be a 1:1 relationship between pre-roll video ad views and content views. For long form content, multiple ads may be displayed before the same piece of content.

9. If you are not using the Agent’s video player,, all mid-roll, pre-roll, and playlist ads must have a ratio of at least 60 seconds of content for each ad which is displayed. Playlist functionality implies playing ads and content back to back with no end as long as the page is still open.

10. In order for a placement to be considered in-stream pre-roll rather than in-banner, there must be at least 60 seconds of content after the ad plays and the actual player must be at least 300 x 250.

11. Site traffic may not be incentivized to view ads or video content.

12. Skip functionality may not be enabled by a Publisher.

13. Agent will not pay Publisher for advertisements of any kind that fail to load due to end-user implementation of Ad-Blocker or other third party services that prevent or block ads from displaying.

14. Sites must not block Agent’s detection methods (e.g. Integral Ad Science JavaScript) and have measurable traffic as determined by web audience measurement tools.

C. Non-Compliance.

1. If a Publisher is found to have violated the terms, Agent may remove the domain, the advertisements or pause or remove the market connection immediately with or without notice to Publisher.

2. Agent may withhold revenue for any impressions that were fraudulently generated, were run on unapproved sites, or were run on unapproved content. Additionally domains found in violation of these Terms and Conditions may be added to Agent’s block list. which may be shared with partners.

3. Multiple violations will result in the permanent blacklisting of a URL from Agent’s network and the termination of your account.

4. Please contact publishers@intergi.comif you believe any inventory violates our Terms and Conditions.

D. Modifications.

1. Agent reserves the right to update, change, revise, modify, and supplement the information within the Terms and Conditions at any time. Publisher’s continued use of the Services following the posting of such changes to the Terms and Conditions will constitute Publisher’s acceptance of any such changes.