Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals

Why do we call it Revenue Amplification? Because with Playwire’s unique combination of global direct ad sales, client- and server-side bidders, and machine learning-based predictive analytics, you get unmatched demand for your ad inventory — and the highest eCPMs in the business. All available to you with a single line of code.

{RI} Revenue Intelligence™

Playwire employs both human intelligence and machine learning to tweak every ad request for improved revenue. Realtime predictive algorithms ensure you always receive the highest bids possible.

Global Direct Sales

With offices spanning from San Francisco to Singapore, Playwire’s direct sales team brings top brand and advertiser partnerships – and their premium ad dollars – straight to you.

Client- & Server-Side Header Bidding

Playwire combines client- and server-side header bidding, increasing the number of demand sources we can integrate without hurting page speed with extended header bidding auctions.

Data Management Platform

With our DMP, Playwire creates cross-site audience segmentation that direct advertisers crave.

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Our IAB-certified CMP handles data consent for both GDPR (European Union) and CCPA (California), promulgating consent information to advertisers so you know you are in compliance.

Open Bidding

Google Open Bidding layers atop header bidding to add bid density and increase demand for your inventory. Open Bidding is exclusive to Google’s premium Ad Manager 360 accounts.

Transparent Ad Marketplace

Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace is yet one more source of high-quality programmatic advertising tapped by Playwire to increase fill and put price pressure on ad buyers.

Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)

Held by only a few across the globe, this prestigious accolade allows our  partners through our accolade access to Google products, invite-only Google conferences premium ad demand unavailable to the public and more!

Online Video Platform (OVP) EXCLUSIVE 

Use our fully-featured online video platform to upload, manage, and monetize your video content. Use Playwire’s advanced video player to embed your video content on your site, then tap premium video eCPMs with Playwire’s built-in video header bidding.


In today’s world, ad buyers demand confirmation that sellers are who they say they are. Ads.txt and Ads.cert provide them with realtime verification of your identity as a publisher, and Playwire keeps these files up to date for you.

Trendi™ Video EXCLUSIVE

Creating compelling video content is challenging and expensive. Let Playwire do it for you. Playwire’s Trendi™ video provides constantly-updated content that fits your brand, with built-in video ad opportunities that we monetize automatically. All from one line of code.

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