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{RI} Revenue Intelligence
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Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals

Digital advertising is complex and multifaceted.  Evolving ad technology and increasing advertiser demands are make it challenging for publishers to successfully manage their own advertising while creating great content for their users.

Through our complete monetization platform, RAMP, publishers never have to worry again. Playwire’s turnkey solution has the entire ad ecosystem covered! Ad revenue is maximized while yield ops, direct sales and custom creative teams work diligently in your best interest.

An All-Inclusive Package

Video, Display, Data – Imagine all your digital advertising needs delivered through one channel; Playwire makes it possible. Integrate a simple piece of code and monetize your site for any device or operating system.

Header Bidding

Allow multiple ad exchanges to bid on your inventory at the same time, resulting in faster ad load times, better CPMs, and increased fill.

Data Management Platform

We aggregate your ad data, silo it, anonymize it, and then use that data to increase your CPMs.

Video Player

Designed from the ground up to leverage the power of HTML5, Playwire’s video player was built to run fast and reliably on any device.

Ad Server

Our proprietary delivery technology utilizes separate ad servers for display, video, and mobile to maximize the performance of your ad stack.

Online Video Platform

Host, encode, manage, and publish your video content with ease. Complete with powerful analytics.

Global Sales Team

With 8 offices in 4 countries, our direct and network sales teams bring in top campaigns from the world’s largest advertisers.

{RI} Revenue Intelligence

Playwire’s proprietary technology combines machine learning with human insight to continually optimize your ad stack.  With Revenue Intelligence, Playwire creates a custom advertising solution every time your content loads, maximizing revenue at each moment.  In turn, our analytics dashboards help you to understand the revenue implications and provide vital insight into ad performance.

Data Lake

Our systems produce constant streams of anonymized data that we collect and analyze in realtime.  The “data lake” encompasses users, content, ad servers, demand sources, and more, giving us a remarkably complete picture of each ad opportunity.

Machine Learning

Take billions of data records across a hundred variables, pipe them through the bleeding edge of machine intelligence, then use the results to predict the best outcomes in realtime.  Our machine learning models make it possible.

Human Intelligence

Revenue intelligence comes from A.I. – but equally from I.Q.  Our sales and ops specialists stay on top of the latest industry trends and metrics, and use their knowledge and relationships to eke out advantages no machine can match.

Ad Serving

Ad demand, performance, and rates vary across format and environment.  {RI} selects ad servers with the demand that best suits the opportunity, producing higher revenue and lower latency.

Ad Selection

We treat every user and page as a unique event and select ad units that optimize for both.  The result is happy users that keep browsing content and watching ads.

Strength in Numbers


Sites managed by Playwire


Video and display ads served each month


Minutes of video streamed each month

Playwire’s scale brings you increased ad demand. Our scope and brand unlock access to curated marketplaces and other gated-off demand sources, and our advertiser partners include the largest and most premium brands. Capitalize on our size and infrastructure.

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Playwire’s portfolio includes some of the world’s most influential Gaming, Entertainment, and Kids publishers.

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As a publisher-first company, we are always putting our partners at the forefront of our decision-making. While other companies, DSPs, and exchanges are designed to buy your inventory as cheaply as they can get it, we are on your side fighting for the highest rate possible.


Expertly produced, curated videos created for your site content and refreshed daily. Solve all your video content needs with this simple widget.

Kids Club

Safely monetize your kids content with kidSAFE+ COPPA Certified technology, including dedicated kids-only ad servers and manually reviewed creative.


An easy-to-implement, one-stop advertising solution for app publishers and developers to maximize their revenue.


Revenue Intelligence Managed by Professionals. Playwire brings you the entire ad ecosystem managed under a single platform.

Retail IQ

Retail IQ

A full-stack ad delivery and monetization platform that enables any retailer to compete with Amazon: Supply, Creative, Display, Data, Social Extension, OOH, and Experiential.

What Our Partners Say

Playwire has gone the extra mile to understand our multifaceted business model, which has resulted in successful and effective advertising opportunities. What’s more, Playwire is more than just an advertising service, they are a trusted partner. I know that I can rely on my account managers to help me navigate the challenges of kid-safe ads.

Lisa TortolaniCEO,

Playwire has been great to work with! They’re responsive, proactive, and work tirelessly to help get the best ads and campaigns possible. They care about the ads, but even more importantly, they care about my site and my users.

Nathan BestPresident,

Playwire has done a phenomenal job in launching new advertising products to the market, and driving great results for advertisings and for us as a publisher. But most importantly, with Playwire we always feel we’re being taken care of with immediate feedback and a caring service.

Uri MarchandCEO, Overwolf

Playwire has been a great strategic advertising partner for Roblox. They have increased our international advertising revenue, while also working with us on several strategic and customized programs that have been a great success.

Kaitlyn HogueSenior Product Marketing Manager, ROBLOX

Let Playwire focus on your advertising so that you can focus on building up your content and growing your audience.

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